Choosing the Right Content for Addiction Treatment

Choosing the content for your treatment facility’s website is more than picking out relevant drug-related topics. Certain topics will give you traffic, but will not appeal to your target demographic. You must consider who you’re writing for, what information will drive traffic to your website, and what would entice […]

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5 Tips on How to Structure an Addiction Treatment Site

Structuring your Addiction Treatment website the right way is done by focusing on simplicity and logical organization. Creating consistent, obvious navigation is key since users are impatient, and won’t spend much time looking for it. Let’s focus primarily on these 5 simple tips that will make your site […]

Online Reputation Management for Addiction Treatment

As an addiction treatment facility, your business is going to be more heavily scrutinized than a run-of-the-mill ecommerce site. Therefore, online reputation management is key towards competing against brand established facilities and proactively addressing critical blogs, reviews and news sources.

Importance of A/B Testing in the Addiction Treatment Market

A/B Testing is important to the addiction treatment market because this specific market is above all else trying to get users to contact their facility for treatment. A/B Testing is a great way for these facilities to test what information is converting better on their web pages so they […]

  • Optimize the right pages for conversions
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    Top 3 Pages to Optimize for Conversions on Your Treatment Facility Site

Top 3 Pages to Optimize for Conversions on Your Treatment Facility Site

A few simple tips for optimizing the most popular pages on your addiction treatment website, in order to increase conversion rates dramtically.

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    The Addiction Treatment Keywords You Should Be Using (and Not Using)

The Addiction Treatment Keywords You Should Be Using (and Not Using)

Writing effective content for your addiction treatment clients is a challenge if you don’t know what kinds of topics and information your clients are looking for. Certain keywords and topics will be more popular among your potential leads, and while certain keywords seem popular and relevant, they may not convert well.

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Getting Started with Social Media for Addiction Treatment

By taking the right steps from the very beginning, your treatment center can have greater potential for long-term success in social media marketing.

5 Steps to Cheaper Addiction Treatment Calls

Pay-per-click is very competitive in the addiction treatment industry. In 2012, costs for addiction-related keywords rose 70%. Because of this, it’s imperative to maximize the amount of calls your facility receives for the amount you spend.

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