A/B Testing is important to the addiction treatment market because this specific market is above all else trying to get users to contact their facility for treatment. A/B Testing is a great way for these facilities to test what information is converting better on their web pages so they can reach more people and gain more revenue.

Here is a graphic that I whipped up that visually describes the importance of A/B Testing in the addiction treatment industry.

A/B Testing

As you can see in the graphic above, we have our web page visitors at the top. Half of those visitors will see variation A of the web page, while the other half will see variation B. Variation A of the web page has the get help form positioned above the main content of the page, while variation B has the conversion form under the main content block.

This A/B testing example is testing the location of the form to see which variation of the page leads to more conversions.

Online marketing expert, Stephanie Witt says,

“When creating a variation to test, make sure you know exactly what you’re changing, or else you won’t know why the test is working…or not working.”

We have this aspect covered as we are focusing on the form location. To learn more about the basics of A/B Testing check out more from Stephanie. (http://www.marketingoptimizer.com/blog/landing-pages/ab-testing-beginners/)

After a scheduled time of testing, variation B became the winner because 75 visitors filled out the form to get help and variation A only had 50 visitors complete and send the get help form.

This sort of A/B test is a perfect example of how important this type of testing is for the addiction treatment market. The addiction treatment market wants to provide care to those in need and in order to provide this treatment they have to be contacted or contact potential patients. The more successful their web pages are at getting new contacts, the more treatment they are providing and the more revenue they are bringing in.

Marketing Analyst Lars Lofgren states,

“When you find the “perfect” version, it won’t stay perfect. Everything has a half-life and the only way to stay on top is to periodically refresh by running another batch of tests.”

Continual A/B testing is just plain smart for anyone in the addiction treatment market or any market looking to boost their conversions.