Structuring your Addiction Treatment website the right way is done by focusing on simplicity and logical organization. Creating consistent, obvious navigation is key since users are impatient, and won’t spend much time looking for it. Let’s focus primarily on these 5 simple tips that will make your site easy to use and keep your visitors coming, and most importantly your leads rolling in.

1. Think About Your Site Objective

First off, take some time to contemplate what you want to accomplish with your website. What information do you want your visitors to see most? What activity would you like to see on your pages? Why are you creating the website? Once you’ve narrowed that down, it’s time to create a rough mock of the structure of your site.

You can use a pen and paper or a graphics program to accomplish this. The following image is an example of a very basic tree-like structure.

Rebecca Churt, Marketing Expert states,

“For most websites, a tree-like or “hierarchical” information architecture is going to be the best way to organize your information.”

Simple Website Structure

2. Think About Your Visitors

Second, think about your visitors. What are they looking for? What do they want? What are they used to seeing when surfing the internet? What is familiar and easy for them? Think about the mentality of your visitors and what they would expect from your website.

Interactive Media Expert, Sabrina Idler on Crazy Egg’s blog says,

“Understand your visitors’ mental models and how they would expect you to structure the content on your site.”

What is logical for you may not be so logical for your target market of visitors. Don’t skip this step.

3. Do Some Research

Before you start creating your addiction treatment site it’s smart to check out what other sites similar to your own are doing with their navigation. Familiarity is key to a good structure. You should stick with what people already know and use. If it works don’t change it. People don’t like change unless it is a change they can adapt to because it benefits them somehow. Looking at other sites for inspiration is smart.

4. Be Consistent

Don’t get crazy with the design of your navigation. Create a nice, functioning navigation that is simple and easy to use. Use consistent fonts and colors and make sure the navigation is the same throughout the site.

5. Keep It Simple

Less is more when it comes to your Addiction Treatment website structure. Once you have researched your target market and understand what you are trying to accomplish on your site, you will know what pages are needed. 7 or so main navigation menu items is reasonable. If you end up with 3 layers of dropdowns and flyouts you should start over.