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Web design and other visual solutions are an integral part of successful internet marketing. Even the best search engine rankings need to present a destination that invites the viewer to respond in some way. With professional web design, we push your marketing efforts to the next level by enhancing user experiences, building your brand, and boosting conversions. Here is some of our favorite work, let us know how we can help improve your visual presence on the web.


Infographics are a powerful way to communicate information visually, making the message stronger and more accessible to your audience. Not only do these designs offer an additional way to propagate your company’s values, but also improve your brand image and scope. Their visual integrity and easily shared quality make infographics highly valuable for social media marketing and also offer prime link-building opportunities when posted across blogging platforms.

Xanax Threat Infographic

The Xanax Threat

The most commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication in the U.S., Xanax is prescribed about 50 million times a year. We created this piece for a client to help shed light on the issue of Xanax being over prescribed and abused.

OxyContin Infographic

OxyContin: The Killer Addiction

The potent painkiller, OxyContin has been blamed for hundreds of deaths either through accidental overdoses or abuse of the prescription drug. This infographic has been shared through multiple platforms such as Pinterest.

Prescription Drug

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug abuse has increased dramatically over the past decade. Posted as a single image on our client’s website, this illustrated piece has been steadily shared across all social media outlets.

Website Design

A professionally designed website not only makes your business look good on the web, it actually improves search engine ranking and conversions through properly executed user experience. Active Internet Marketing’s team of designers, programmers and marketing experts create websites designed to grow your business, and with integrated marketing optimization software, we’ll have the robust tracking data to ensure your time is invested in following just the right leads.

Best Drug Rehab Website

Best Drug Rehabilitation Website

Existing site overhaul for Best Drug Rehabilitation. The project description was simple: recreate every piece of content and all design work to improve organic search traffic and conversion rates.

Market Analysis

We took a close look at who this website was meant to attract, and what their interests and personalities were. Since we already have years of experience in the addiction treatment vertical we were able to quickly segment their target market into just a few personas.

The Plan

Planning out hundreds of pages of content is a tall order. We followed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines every step of the way, and quickly had a complete editorial plan designed and ready for action. A team of writers worked long hours, for a few weeks, to get the 100,000+ words of content written, and off to the optimization, beautification, and publishing team.

Forward Thinking

We knew that we would be able to grow their organic traffic somewhat just by replacing old mediocre content with new excellent content, but the client needed much more than just a small increase. Looking forward to substantial organic traffic increases we created a plan for writing great content, repurposing it as much as possible, and promoting it. This all with the hope that visitors would love the content and share it with their social networks.

The Results

It worked. People saw the client’s new, excellent, content, and shared it. A lot. They posted URLs to infographics to their Pinterest accounts, they shared celebrity blog posts with their Facebook friends. Social signals increase, as did linking root domains. Organic traffic more than doubled in just a few shortmonths, and the new website design increased conversion rates by an incredible 25%.

iAddiction Website

iAddiction Website

iAddiction is an informational website created to help people with drug and alcohol addiction assess their situation, find the right kind of treatment, and locate a treatment center that can meet their needs. The site features multiple high-quality infographics and custom assessments that provide individual feedback to users. The iAddiction Danger Scale is a storehouse of information on commonly abused drugs, giving users factual answers about physical addiction, psychological addiction, and the severity of addiction to these substances.


iAddiction features 5 assessments to help users determine if they are addicted to a substance, what kind of treatment they need for an addiction, where they can find treatment, and what to do next if they are addicted. These assessments were conceived and created by our team to appeal to a range of search demographics. Each assessment features custom graphics and content that directs the user to the most appropriate next step in the site based on their answers.

Stunning Infographics

The visuals of iAddiction are striking – featuring high-quality infographics and design elements that make the site stand out from other drug and alcohol addiction sites. The artwork from the infographics is used throughout the site to create a fresh, vibrant look.

Compelling Content

Our research indicated a large search market of people looking for information on how addictive, how dangerous, how damaging a drug could be. We created profiles for the most commonly-used and searched drugs that contains an overview of physical harm, psychological damage, societal impact, and general danger of the substance.


Websites that Work for You

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Gulf Coast Rehab

Gulf Coast Drug Rehabilitation Website

Our new site design for Florida treatment center Gulf Coast Drug Rehabilitation was created to maximize conversion rates and create a comforting user experience for prospective clients. Utilizing soothing imagery and color, this action-oriented, mobile responsive design immediately improved conversion rates on the site to all-time highs and provides a solid foundation for future optimization efforts.

Persona and Strategy

We started by creating a color scheme and layout designed to appeal to our previously created marketing personas. The soothing palette helps instill a feeling of calm in the visitor while gently, but decisively, guiding them through the funnel to the desired conversion.

Local Marketing

We used Schema.org, Google Maps, and other techniques to give the site local relevance.


The goal was to increase conversions and create more leads for the business. When the new design went live, we saw conversion rates rise from the 1% range to the 4-6% range on a daily basis, as users responded well to the changes.

Freedom Drug Rehab

Freedom Treatment Center Web Design

A Brand New Identity

When Freedom Treatment Center came to us looking to change their domain name and brand, we looked at it as an opportunity to reposition their business and establish the website as a leader in the drug rehab space. As leaders in the addiction treatment marketing industry, this project was a great fit.

The New Technology

We took the opportunity to move the website CMS to a custom WordPress install using a custom theme and even a few custom plugins. We connected this all to their AIMcrm marketing automation and lead management software package so we could track visitors, leads, and phone calls. With every lead phone call and web form) they receive they also receive complete and detailed web analytics.

The New Design and Content

The content on the website was all custom when we came on board, and was of decent quality. We decided that what the site really needed was just good ole-fashioned search engine optimization (technical SEO). We made a point to make sure that when we optimized the content for search, that we also optimized for conversions.

The Results

Since we took over on this project we have increased organic search traffic from less than 1000 visitors per month, to 10s of thousands of unique visitors every month. From a few leads a week, to hundreds of conversions every week. To say that this has changed their business is an understatement. They have opened new facilities, and grown their business to one of the largest addiction treatment companies in Michigan.

Unique Marketing Pieces

Internet marketing is much more than just owning a website. Just as infographics are optimized for sharing and visual reference, we generate a host of other media intentionally created for specific markets and purposes. Ebooks and presentations; video and motion graphics; even white papers and journals all keep our client’s marketing machine turning. They each reach different segments of target markets and in-turn bring new traffic which continues to bolster their websites’ reputations in search engines.

Florida Drug E-Book

Death and Drugging in Florida E-Book

We created this E-Book for a client to highlight the leading “Pill Mill” state, Florida. While alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Florida, they are also a hotbed for narcotics trafficking.

Guide to Alcoholism Ebook

Guide to Alcoholism E-Book

While a glass of wine with dinner or a couple of beers while watching the big game may seem like a harmless way to unwind, for 14 million Americans, it is not possible to just have one or two drinks.

Xanax Threat E-Book

The Xanax Threat E-Book

Xanax has been prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication to patients around the world. Today, it remains that most commonly prescribed psychiatric drug, with Forbes reporting that nearly 50 million prescriptions are written for the medication or its generic equivalent each year.

Custom Single Page Design

Sometimes we put extra attention into a single page on our client’s website. This creates a kind of hybrid infographic landing page that is visually appealing, has fantastic content (both for readers and SEO), and is a great way to direct visitors to a specific action—whether you want a contact, follow or share.

Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic Drugs are Mad Design

This custom page engages visitors with several custom illustrations, strategically formatted content and plenty of provocative information. the page encourages scrolling action that automatically moves the visitor from a viewer to participant.

Blue Water Detox Treatment

Detox Treatment Custom Single Page

A unique illustrated visual page navigation adds another dimension to this design. Whether the site visitor is more likely to be engaged through visual stimuli or analytic, this page delivers a variety of avenues for them to be engaged and ultimately reach out to contact.


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